Mission, Vision and Objectives of CPA

The Center for Profitable Agriculture (CPA), a partnership between the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) and the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation, assists Tennessee farmers in analyses, evaluation, development and sustainability of value-added agricultural enterprises.

Value-added enterprises are those that allow producers/growers to earn a greater portion of consumer expenditures by processing, packaging and/or marketing crops, livestock or other farm resources, including agritourism enterprises and direct marketing ventures.

During 2011, the staff of the Center participated in a strategic planning process to take stock of program needs, resources and plans. The process included a review of the Center’s foundation and history, evaluation of assessed needs, identification of planned and on-going programs and a review of resources. The Departmental Strategic Planning Summary represents an overall summary of the input and results of the departmental strategic planning process.

The objectives of the Center are as follows:

  • Assist farmers and agri-entrepreneurs in the evaluation, planning and development of value-added business ideas (farmer-initiated, value-added enterprise/project analysis).
  • Develop value-added educational materials.
  • Implement value-added educational outreach programs.
  • Conduct applied research (market development studies and industry analyses to guide the development of value-added agriculture enterprises).
  • Provide training in value-added agriculture for county UT Extension agents and other agricultural leaders.