Individual Assistance

Center Specialists can often provide in-depth, individual technical assistance to Tennessee farmers interested in analyzing and developing a value-added agriculture enterprise. Assistance may be available in:

  • Financial Analysis–budgeting, cost analysis, breakeven analysis and profit/loss estimates
  • Market Analysis and Development–market analysis and planning, pricing and promotion strategies, merchandising and evaluation of marketing strategies
  • Technical or Product Development–regulations, labeling and packaging

Farmers interested in receiving technical assistance should complete and return the Center’s Project Application.

CPA Application Form

CPA Application Form (Interactive)​ – this form has set text fields. If you have more information than will fit in the fields, please attach separately. Please SAVE this form to your computer and attach in an email to us. This form cannot be forwarded over this site.

Completed applications may be mailed or e-mailed to the Center at:

Center for Profitable Agriculture
850 Lion Parkway, Columbia, TN 38401

Project applications are reviewed by a committee to determine if they meet the following primary and secondary criteria:

  • Primary criteria required of projects:
    • The product must have a relationship to Tennessee agriculture.
    • The end product must be produced in Tennessee.
    • The project must be within the Center’s capabilities and resources.
    • The project must contain a value-added product/service.
  • Secondary criteria required of projects:
    • Adequate information must be in the application to appropriately evaluate the project.
    • Preliminary investigations must indicate that the project is technically feasible.
    • Adequate financial/technical resources must be available to take a project to completion.
    • The project should offer economic impact potential.

Once a review is conducted, a letter is sent to the applicant to inform them of the result, and if accepted, who from the Center will be contacting them to begin the project.​